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Play Keno Online. Lottery drawings are popular just about everywhere in the world. They give players the chance to dream of winning millions just by picking the right numbers, and even if only a few lucky individuals actually win those life-changing sums, the dream of getting their hands on that money is enough to lift any player’s spirits as they wait for the results.

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At Keno.com you can play free keno games and win real CASH Prizes! All you need to do to start playing is register with your account. Once you’re registered, the keno board will be activated! To start a game, select between 1 and 12 numbers on your card, and then press PLAY. Once you’ve pressed “PLAY”, the draw will automatically begin.

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If you choose to play Keno 11 you will select 11 numbers. If you choose to play Keno 12 you will select 12 numbers. All Keno jackpots differ and the Keno game you play determines the amount you stand a chance to win. Here's what could be yours: Keno 9 jackpot: €5,000. Keno 10 jackpot: €10,000; Keno 11 jackpot: €25,000. Keno 12 jackpot ...

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How to Play Free Keno The premise of the game is simple – simply bet on a certain amount of numbers between 1-80, choose whether to play one or five rounds, sit back and check out the results. If any of your chosen numbers match, you will get a payout based on the amount of numbers you choose.

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How many you pick, and how many you need to win will depend on the variant you play – there are different types of keno. You will not have to win every number to get a cash prize. Most keno games offer 80 numbers, and most games will ask you to pick between one and 10 numbers.

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This is a complicated suggestion, and not all Keno players agree on this, but if you play less numbers, you’ll win a higher percentage of money if you do in fact win. If you play four numbers and win three, it is better than winning eight numbers out of ten. [6]

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You can play for $1 up to $10. Each play costs $1. Play for $2 to double your prize, $3 to triple your prize, and so on up to $10 per play. Select the number of consecutive drawings you would like to play. You can play the same spots (numbers) for up to 20 drawings. Optional Play: Add MULTIPLIER and/or BULLS-EYE for a chance to win bigger prizes.

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Play Keno – New Games Every Four Minutes. Win up to $1 Million. Purchase games in advance and watch online or from our mobile app. Rolling bonuses, special play features, and much more. Learn how to get started below

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How To Play Daily Keno. Determine wager amount of $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10 or $20. Choose how many "spots" – this will determine how many numbers to pick. You must pick at least one but no more than 10 "spots". Select numbers between 1-80. The amount of numbers necessary must align with the number of "spots" selected.